Vision: "Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World"

Purpose:"Loving God and our neighbors" Goal:”To Make Every Believer a Disciple and Disciple-Maker of Christ Jesus”

Core Values:
Live with Jesus as our model
Engage in intentional evangelism and discipleship
Advocate transformation and order
Dedicate one's life in fulfilling the Great Commission
Empowerment through the Holy Spirit
Revive, revitalize, renew


November 23, 2013 at Clamshell Tent B, Intramuros, Manila.          ...
The UMC DOC Team headed by Rev. John B. Manalo will launch the UMC DOC Downloading at Palawan...
  Lifted from "Pilipino Methodist Pastor"              ...
Lifted From Pilipino Methodist Pastor                ...

Welcome to UMC DOC Movement Website

This "Temporary" Website was published to encourage all "Great Commission Practitioners" to continue in their passion to love God and to love their fellowmen and be able to impart the Vision of Christ to all Christian believers around the globe. Challenge every believer, especially the people called Methodists, to be faithful in this vision of  "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for Transformation of the World."
UMC DOC (United Methodist Church's Disciples of Christ) is a Basic Evangelism and Discipleship Pattern adopted by the Manila Episcopal Area with its 12 Annual Conferences consisting of 28 Districts. DOC Ministry was launched in March 2013 from the directive of its Resident Bishop, Rev. Dr. Rodolfo A. Juan. He deputized the Rev. Magusig B. Manalo, Jr., one of his District Superintendents, and Dr. Elino Rivera, Administrative Pastor of Seed of Faith UMC, to facilitate the official Orientation Seminar-Workshops or “Downloading” of UMC DOC Model to the whole Area connection.
UMC DOC Model was conceived primarily to respond to the global UMC Mission of "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World." Secondly, to respond to the growing clamor of both UMC clergy and laity to come up with its own Discipleship model that is parallel to the model used by most Independent Churches in the Philippines resulting in exponential growth of their churches. We indeed celebrate the growth the independent churches are experiencing because they were able to win the lost and make them disciples; yet, some UMC Church Workers and Lay Leaders are sadden because part of the people they are reaching out are our own young people and other members of the UMC. Unfortunately, it turned out that these young people and a great number of UMC members who had experienced and were so attracted to the discipleship process offered by these independent Churches had turned their backs from their membership with the UMC. The primary reason was simply because they felt being more loved and have been cared for through the “cell group ministry”; they felt they have been adequately equipped by their cell leaders to be disciple-makers. This becomes a great challenge for the UMC’s leadership of both the Clergy and Laity.
DOC Ministry is focusing on the small group ministry patterned after John Wesley’s bands and classes wherein each member of the group is accountable to one another; the goal is to make sure that Wesley’s “three simple rules” (Do no harm; do good; and stay in love with God) were being lived by and each one in the class or band is living in accordance to God’s commandments – “to love God and to love our neighbours.” This small group became a regular venue for fellowship, sharing of God’s words, caring and praying for each other’s burden that made classes and bands a place for growth and maturity as Christian believers. DOC ministry is about Christ’s way of life which he exemplified while in his earthly ministry. Both UMC clergy and laity should bring back this spirit in the life of the UMC.



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